Hench Engineering History:

Hench Engineering, Inc. started as software developers for the health insurance industry. We eventually expanded to workers' comp, finance and other fields for not just custom applications, but complete systems solutions. Here is a brief history of some of our projects:

1986: "R/I Master" Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet-based excess reinsurance premium/claims monthly disbursement software for RMI. Automagically takes premium and claims from monthly spreadsheets, allocates per pro-rata treaty cover notes, creates and prints cross-referenced premium/claim bordereaux for each treaty member, as well as individualized supporting documentation, and even prints the cover letters with check amounts or requested remittances.

1987: "QuoteMaster" Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet based actuarial software for American Reinsurance Management. Tillinghast manual based underwriting/quoting/tracking/administration software that develops rates and factors for group self-funded stop-loss Specific and Aggregate from 25 to 25,000 lives. It also tracked producers sales rates and loss ratios, while administration of the premium/claims side was integrated with a modified (just slightly!) version of the R/I p/c monthly disbursement system.

1988: "The Map" agency quoting software for small groups from 2-25 lives for The Dale Group of Dallas, TX. Lotus 1-2-3 based, squished onto a floppy (remember floppies?) and able to quote, track, and produce the forms for proposals, and submissions to underwriting for health, dental and vision. Yes, we had several versions, depending on the platform and printer used by the agency, but they were all made in just minutes from the standard version.

1989: "QuoteMaster" is moved to a Foxpro 2.0 X-base platform. Features are added to allow nightly uploads of data from each machine via tape to all other machines, creating a "sneaker" or "popcorn" network. (You walk from machine to machine with tapes, ("sneakers") and pop a bunch of tapes in and out ("popcorn") for a few minutes each.)

Hench Engineering, Inc. builds, competes and wins in our own Formula 125 race car built from scratch in the Hench Eng facilities. Sets new lap record first time out.

1990: "QuoteMaster" is modified to run a new, 20-200 life, partially self-funded block of medical/dental/vision business administered by Managed Health Funding.

A new, Specific and Aggregate premium/claims administration system is written for MHF. Written in Foxpro, including the new database that is compatible with their existing applications, it includes artificial intelligence on the premium side to correct agency data entry errors.

1991: "QuoteMaster" is upgraded to the new, 2.6 version of Foxpro. It's so fast, users don't believe it's actually calculating rates! Little do they realize that Tillinghast has changed the rate calculation methodology, requiring a complex calculus formula. Since Foxpro (or anything else at that time except Mathimatica) didn't have a calculus function, Hench Engineering, Inc. develops "processor power calculus," which uses processor speed to work from extremes by halving to the center to differentiate the equation.

1992: "QuoteMaster" is ported to a REAL network version. Running under Novell initially, and NT/2000/2003 subsequently.

Coordinated/executed corporate move of RMI. 30 employees. Wired new office for network and phones, moved equipment, installed, tested and made operative between Friday evening and Monday morning with no business interruption.

Hench Engineering, Inc. builds the World's first, and to this date STILL only, free-standing shark-reef aquarium. 1,000 gallons, with living corrals and as many as 14 sharks at a time. You've seen shark tanks, and you've seen corral reef tanks, but you've never see them together, like they are in the wild, unless you saw it at Hench Engineering. Check it out Here

1993: "QuoteMaster" gets the Foxpro for Windows upgrade. Painless and profitable for users.

1994: "VoiceMaster" is developed as a telephony product. Similar to the phone-based database access systems we all use now to check our bank balances, etc., it allowed claimants to access their medical/dental histories, claim submission/payment dates, premium payment/due dates, and direct phone extension routing to their account rep.

Coordinated/executed corporate move/separation of RMI into a West coast and East coast branch. 70 employees. Consolidated West coast office into portion of existing space while moving half of operation to Florida. Wired new office for network and phones, moved equipment, installed, tested and made operative between Friday evening and Monday morning with no business interruption.

1995: "VoiceMaster" is modified into a complete voicemail/auto attendant/product gallery system.

1996: Developed the "SWAMI" (Superior Windows Analysis of Management Information) executive information product for Superior National from prototype to a working GAAP version. Front-end written in Forest&Trees for Windows, using a Sybase SQL database running under UNIX, with UNIX based Transact SQL night jobs doing the datawarehousing.

1997: "QuoteMaster" gets the Visual Foxpro treatment. "QuoteMaster" also gets multi-platform compatibility upgrades, allowing it run on virtually any system.

1998: Hench Engineering works Acura NSX is born. Click Here if you like fast cars!

1999: Network administration for Managed Health Funding's Woodland Hills office. Upgraded all user machines and servers to Win98 and Novell 4/Windows NT4. In-house software applications reviewed and updated by re-coding existing programs.

Hench Engineering creates website, portal and MetaFrame application hosting ASP in house. Call us if you need your applications hosted to save money on your IS costs!

2000: Installed complete Windows Active Directory 2000 server environment for SN Insurance Services. Comprised of ten servers, three tape drives, website/NFuse portal, Exchange server e-mail, MetaFrame remote application hosting, website/NFuse portal, and Sybase/MS SQL servers.

"QuoteMaster" updated to Visual Foxpro.

2001: Virtual private network, and a L-O-N-G one! Created virtual network over a frame-relay/fractional T1 from Westlake Village, CA to Crowthorne, England for Solus Technologies. While it's not tough to do a VPN, it does take a little skill and ingenuity to do one without ever visiting the remote site! Yes, we installed a Cisco concentrator here, sent a pre-configured one there, and were up and running shortly after plug-in. A testament to Cisco product reliability and Hench Engineering is the fact that the only time Solus calls us, it's because they've forgotten the VPN administrator password.

2002: Installed redundant server array for SNTL LT at the Hench Engineering facility. It's a complete replica of SNTL's server array, using Veritas Storage Replicator as a real-time disaster recovery site. Data was literally mirrored across the VPN pipe as it occurred at their site. Click on the Hench Server Room to check it out.

Web-based workers' comp application including an online portal, MetaFrame remote application server, and Sybase database server for QualCapp Technologies.

Family Chiropractic goes with Hench Engineering web hosting.

2003 Coordinated/executed move of SNTL LT with no interruption of services.

Installed new, downsized server rack consisting of a Win 2k3 Active Directory server, Exchange server, Metaframe server and secure gateway server, along with a Cisco PIX router. Savings of over $4k per month compared to their existing setup.

2005 ACS has Hench build and host their website. ACS is the biggest HVAC company on the Big Island. That's BIG!

2007 Installed single VMware virtual server to replace one of our existing eight server stacks. This system has performed flawlessly for over two years and is still in operation today.

2008 AveryCorporate has Hench build and host their site. Check them out if you're looking for commercial real estate.

2009 SNLT gets a VMware server virtualization solution from Hench Engineering, Inc. They have saved thousands of dollars a month, and simplified their network infrastructure, all while reducing their server room footprint and energy consumption.

Dave Tuggey Construction goes with a Hench built and hosted site. Some of the homes this company builds are mind-blowing.

2014 and beyond? Only your imagination is the limit! (We're willing to help with the ideas, we've had a few good ones in the past.)

What else do we do? Well, we'll do you're voice/data infrastructure, server/workstation implementation, software/application deployment, website/portal solutions, and of course, CAD/CAM prototyping and production....Plus any other high-tech job(s) you can think of. We thrive on taking on, and revolutionizing a new part, product or procedure.

Remember our Worldly Motto:

American Ingenuity
Italian Design
German Engineering
Japanese Quality
Chinese Price
British Attitude

The Chinese price is currently $85.00 per hour in US currency. The British attitude assures that when you secure the services of Hench Engineering, Inc., you get employees that treat you like a customer. You also get all the other fine attributes with Five-Star personalized service. That's how we've made satisfied customers, and thrived in business, over the last three decades....HENCH