Custom Applications

Is your company using off-the-shelf programs to run your business?

An application specifically designed for your company will increase productivity, integrate departments, and save money by making your business more efficient.

We have been building custom, purpose-built applications since 1986. Whether it is an idea scribbled on a cocktail napkin, or a DOD Mil Spec proposal, Hench Engineering, Inc. can deliver your business application on time and on budget.

Hench Engineering, Inc. can build web-based database applications using any number of platforms including Oracle, Cold Fusion, VFP, and many others. We can also build an ASP/HTML/Java front end for Sybase, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, and many other databases.

Our web forms improve contact with potential customers, provide instant quoting/pricing information, and can be validated to safely interface with your existing business applications, allowing a seamless pathway from initial contact, all the way through product development and final delivery.

Allow us to speed up your existing business database application with a data warehousing system. By "rolling up" key data sums instead of having to calculate them on the fly every time, desktop, network, and server loads are reduced significantly, while data throughput and application performance increase dramatically. Clients of our data warehousing systems have seen such  greatly improved performance, they were able to defer hardware upgrades that were intended to speed up existing "slow" applications.